Hall of Fame
Board Members


Carlton Griffin

Vice Chairperson

Norman Bryan


Jeff Miller


Connie Bryan

At Large

Brooks Tinsley

Voting Board Members

Bob Howard
Rusty Simpson
Tommy Barnes (Honorary)
Richard Sanders
Don Capitosti
Anthony Champion

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Connie Bryan
Jeff Miller
Bob Howard

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Georgia USSSA Hall of Fame
1987 Hall of Fame Inductees

Jeannie Garrison - Female Player
Gary Hargis - Sponsor/ Coach
Charles Wright - Male Player
Tom Beall - Male Player
Richard Doherty - Umpire
1988 Hall of Fame Inductees

Cecil Whitehead - Male Player
David "Dirt" Brown - Male Player
Iris Kinnebrew - Female Player
Bill Bryant - Sponsor/Coach
Dick Hooks - Umpire
1990 Hall of Fame Inductees

George Barker - Umpire
Charles Hatchett - Coach
Jan Whitley - Special Category
Yvonne Reeves - Female Player
Freddie Trice - Male Player
1993 Hall of Fame Inductees

Tommy Hailey-Player

Norman Bryan-Director
Janice Murphy - Female Player Warren Scarborough - Male Player
Steve Williams - Male Player
1995 Hall of Fame Inductees

Elbert Carroll Leggett - Umpire
Randall Spain - Male Player
Brenda Sue Taylor - Female Player
Roxie Garrett - Female Player
Richard Russell Huggins - Male Player
Ben Lewis Sheffield - Male Player
Jay Willoughby - Umpire
Cecil Ernest Alford - Coach
Kenneth Blackwell - Coach
Paul Phillips - Coach
Arthur Whitley - Executive/Director
Billy Kimberly - Special Category
Rusty Carter - Umpire
1996 Hall of Fame Inductees

Stacy Blaylock - Female Player
Harry Mansell - Male Player
Randy Oglesbee - Male player
Frank Miller - Coach
Bob Ussery - Coach
Glen Shelby - Special Category
Dennis Wagner - Umpire
Mac Hooper - Umpire

Bob Howard - Executive/Director
1997 Hall of Fame Inductees

Arnie Harris - Umpire
Donna Campbell - Female Player
Carl Rose - Male Player
Mark Cauley - Male player
James Wallace - Manager
Johnny Johnson - Special Category

Connie Bryan - Director
1998 Hall of Fame Inductees

Stacy Teate - Female Player
Jack Greenway - Umpire
Frank Breeden - Director
Robert Odum - Male Player
Truman Wade - Male Player
J. Roy Crider - Manager
Tommy Barnes - Special Category

Jeff Miller - Manager
1999 Hall of Fame Inductees

Donald Dixon - Master/Industrial Player
Johnny Robinson - Coach/Sponsor Women's Program
Scott Elliott - Male Player
Kenneth Smith - Umpire

Rusty Simpson - Director
2000 Hall of Fame Inductees

Solomon Harris - Umpire
Kenneth McDaniel - Director
Karen Deese Howell - Female Player
Robert McElroy - Manager
2001 Hall of Fame Inductees

Kenny Carver - Male Player
Syvin Little - Male Player
Steve Brown - Director
Richard Childers - Manager
Mickey Rivers - Umpire
Franklin Grubbs - Umpire
Tina Harper - Female Player
Donald Capitosti - Umpire
2002 Hall of Fame Inductees

Dolores Carter - Other

2003 Hall of Fame Inductees

Richard Sanders - Director
2008 Hall of Fame Inductees

Dena Starks
Female Player

Johnny Darnell
Male Player

Ronald King

Ronnie Melton
2009 Hall of Fame Inductees

Gary Hinton

Alan Shubet
Male Player     

Tom Sims
Male Player       

Diane Ralston-Smith
Female Player

Jerry Deal

Lindy Farmer

Andy Howell

Robert Turner

Beverly Spikes

Brooks Tinsley

Bobby Darnell

Kim Sheffield
Female Player

Rick Hollingsworth

Donnie Fowler

Lowell Darnell

Bob Faucett
2010 Hall of Fame Inductees  
Janene Browing - Female Player
Lee Carroll - Male Player
Anthony Champion - Umpire
Terry Dunn - Director
Michael Freeman - Male Player
Danny Holder - Male Player
Patrick Hickok - Manager
Charles Luna - Special Category
Michael Moody - Director
Tom Moore - Manager
2011 Hall of Fame Inductees

Annetta Watkins

April Green
Female Player

Tim Fuller
Male Player

Bill Moody

Doug McCuen
Male Player

Mark Lester
Male Player

Robert Boudreaux
2012 Hall of Fame Inductees
Tiny Giddons - Male Player
Billy Blaylock - Male Player
Martha Ann Lumpkin - Umpire/Manager
2014 Hall of Fame Inductees

Phillip Welch
Male Player

Ron Holder
Male Player

Tommy Adams
Male Player

Thomson/McDuffie Rec
Special Category

Newton County Rec
Special Category

Tom Siter
Male Player

Jennifer Carter
Female Player

Greg Millsaps (Deceased)
Male Player

2016 Hall of Fame Inductees

Carlton Griffin
Male Player Executive

James (Yogi) Wilkerson
Male Player

Danny Barrow

David Shoptaw

Darrell Holmes
Special Category

Don Holly
Special Category

Monica Hubbard
Female Player

Johnson Park
Park of the Year

2018 Hall of Fame Inductees

JT Moore

Neal Cannon

Berk Cook

Drew Dubberly

Cindy Hogan
Special Category

Kevin Johnson

Leeann Mitchell
Female Player

Eric Thompson

"To be elected to our Hall of Fame is the highest honor this association can bestow on any individual."

Tommy Holder
Male Player

Kim Walton
Female Player

Augusta Coca Cola
Special Category